Finding time to visit a business partner is very important

Železiarne Podbrezová is committed to maintaining excellent relationships with their commercial partners, and this is demonstrated by the fact that we often host our customers at our steel plant in Slovakia. We do this not only to show them how we produce the products they purchase, but also to highlight the identity values that distinguish our way of working.

Recently, we hosted a customer of ours to whom we sell billets: the company in question is I.S.A.C. S.r.l., which specializes in producing forgings through hot stamping of carbon or alloy steel.

The tradition of I.S.A.C dates back to 1974 and, like us they are constantly investing in technology can provide many benefits for a company, including improved efficiency, competitiveness, innovation, cost savings, and customer experience. The company produces parts – forgings for hydraulic motors, industrial and agricultural vehicles, wind turbines and transmission components for various equipment. At I.S.A.C, they have developed and use unique forging processes.

Steel’s high strength, ductility, heat resistance, fatigue resistance, and machinability make it an excellent choice for forging applications that require strong and durable parts. The steel castings they use as input material have an origin and come from leading steelworks, including Železiarne Podbrezová.

The satisfaction of people in the region also affects the quality of products

Giorgio Grivetto, Commercial Management And Quality Assurance at I.S.A.C., shared his impressions of the visit.

“I was impressed by the magnitude of the company, its production capacity and its investments in technology and automation. Another aspect that reassured me was to find a huge quantity of stocks in their warehouses, a sign of reliability and financial solidity.

But my visit also led to further discoveries and reflections: I was able to see the company’s identity values through the management they have of their staff not only in the working environment but above all in the surrounding one. Because just outside the factory there is a world made of sports fields, services and homes, created and made available by the company for them and for their families.

And not only that: they run high schools for the future technicians in the company, sports teams of hockey, bowling, football – also have a football team playing in Premier League. And then, hotels and hotel schools, golf courses, skis, health clinics.

This aspect is often forgotten, but the harmony of human resources impact considerably in the progress of the company up to the quality of the products they make”.

Finding time to visit a business partner is very important

He was most interested in the gearbox in the pipe rolling mill

He made a discovery that really struck him. He found some of the gears made by us of I.S.A.C. in Italy inside their hot-rolled tube mill. This pleasant surprise only confirmed that the global economy creates really surprising connections and that a piece of home can be found anywhere in the world.

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