The TUBE 2024 fair in Düsseldorf was a real success

The significant international fair TUBE 2024 took place in Düsseldorf in April this year, where the joint-stock company Železiarne Podbrezová was also represented. A total of 1,200 exhibitors participated in the event, demonstrating over five trade fair days on an exhibition area of approximately 52,000 square meters that the tube industry and its suppliers are prepared for future challenges.

Amid economically and geo – politically challenging times, there was a clear inclination for face-to-face meetings during the event. “The world seems to be spinning faster, and we must keep pace with it.” The invasion of Ukraine, alongside the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel, poses intricate challenges for global industries. These events heighten concerns about international peace and stability while simultaneously impacting economies and trade across multiple regions worldwide. Political tensions and escalating regulations are increasingly shaping industry strategies and business decisions, fostering uncertainty and apprehension in the business environment.

In pursuit of environmental objectives, the industry will prioritize transitioning to eco-friendly production methods and curbing carbon emissions. However, these endeavors come with heightened costs that affect regions unevenly across the globe. While producers in the European Union contend with elevated energy prices and emission fees, other regions reap the benefits of lower energy expenses.

Challenging situation in industry

European tube manufacturers are striving to address these challenges, yet the burden of high energy costs and emission fees is diminishing their competitiveness. This strain has led to production cutbacks in Europe, despite the simultaneous implementation of policy measures. Among these measures are various import restrictions and tariffs on carbon-intensive products, aimed at mitigating the cost disadvantage faced by domestic producers. We advocate for Europe to act with greater speed and vigor in implementing these measures.

While quality, delivery time, and cost were paramount in the past, geopolitical risks, current and future energy costs, and environmental objectives are now taking center stage. These distinctions are influencing the present challenging circumstances faced by the steel and tube industries.

A step ahead of the competition

The TUBE fair remains a crucial forum for our industry, showcasing the latest technological trends and innovations. Despite the challenges, our partners and booth visitors have shown keen interest in collaboration and have highlighted new opportunities. Many of them seek partnerships with innovative suppliers.

For the first time, the bustling exhibition halls were complemented by a rich program featuring lectures on pertinent topics. Experts from various exhibiting companies presented their sustainability strategies, discussed pathways to green transformation, and delved into energy and climate policies. They also showcased the successes they have achieved on their journey towards decarbonization.

Our company stands as one of the leaders in this endeavor, having implemented numerous investments that have notably reduced CO2 emissions in production. Presently, we are achieving benchmarks in this regard that can be deemed a significant competitive advantage.

Article written by: Podbrezovan

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