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Decarbonization and innovation. Luigi Cuzzolin’s speech during the webinar on April 4th.

It has been over a month since CEO – Pipex Italia, Luigi Cuzzolin, shared his perspective on the seamless tubes market during the Siderweb webinar. “Despite a slowdown, the forecasts have been exceeded, and now it is time to look ahead to growth opportunities in decarbonization and innovation that will make the steel industry more…

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The steel heart of Podbrezová has been beating for thirty years

The year 1993 was a breakthrough for Železiarne Podbrezová – a new electric arc furnace was put into operation. The company became self-sufficient in the production of steel blooms for the needs of the tube rolling mill. The electric arc furnace – often called the heart of the factory, has been beating continuously for three…

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Finding time to visit a business partner is very important

Železiarne Podbrezová is committed to maintaining excellent relationships with their commercial partners, and this is demonstrated by the fact that we often host our customers at our steel plant in Slovakia. We do this not only to show them how we produce the products they purchase, but also to highlight the identity values that distinguish…

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Pipex Energy: behind the teacher’s desk at Polimi

Decarbonization is a central subject in the steel sector and the training of young resources will be essential for the achievement of an epochal industrial transformation. It was therefore an honour and a great opportunity for Pipex Energy to hold a seminar on 28th November at the Politecnico di Milano entitled “Biochar: a solution for metallurgical industry…

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The largest photovoltaic power plant in Slovakia will be built on the roofs of our production halls

The current energy crisis is one of the most discussed topics today. The rising energy prices, together with the absence of state aid, raise concerns about their impact on economy for the coming years. The search for alternative sources, which would reduce dependence on the external environment is a challenge facing the modern world in…

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Hot Briquetted Iron: trials in progress

Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is one of the priorities of the steel industry in the world. One of the fastest decarbonisation option is to switch steel production from conventional converters to electric arc furnaces. This will involve the increase of scrap demand and the potential scarcity of such valuable raw material. Železiarne Podbrezová (ZP)…

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Conflict and expensive energy: interview with Luigi Cuzzolin

The impacts of the conflict on the steel industry and possible solutions to expensive energy including hydrogen for which Pipex Italia, Snam and Corinth Pipeworks have collaborated and already built thousands of km of pipeline for its transport. These are the issues addressed in March on Siderweb TV. Our CEO Luigi Cuzzolin then made more…

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EPD. ZP’s Environmental Product Declaration document

Železiarne Podbrezová (ZP) is pleased to announce the publication of its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The document reports the environmental performance of our seamless hot rolled pipes. These products today are employed in areas such as power production, fluid transport, mechanical and construction processing. The EPD certification is an essential tool that allows the…

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