Production process – Videos

We are transforming steel scrap towards precision steel tubes.

Videos from the processing of steel scrap, production of con cast blooms, production of hot-rolled tubes, production of precision drawn tubes, production of welding fittings, production of semi-finished tubular products.

1. Steel Mill – Steel Scrap

2. Steel Mill – Electric Arc Furnace

3. Steel Mill – Continuously Casting Machine

4. Hot Rolled Tube Mill – Input material cutting and heating in rotary hearth furnace

5. Hot Rolled Tube Mill – Piercing press and push bench

6. Hot Rolled Tube Mill – Reheating furnace and stretch reducing mill

7. Hot Rolled Tube – Testing Marking Stock

8. Cold Drawn Tube Mill – Chemical Pre-treatment

9. Cold Drawn Tube Mill – Cold Drawing

10. Cold Drawn Tube Mill – Heat Treatment

11. Cold Drawn Tube Mill – Galvanizing

12. Cold Drawn Tube Mill – Cutting of tubes and skiving, roller-burnishing of tubes

13. Transport to customers – Packing and Loading

14. Transport to customers – Loading container

15. Hot Rolled Tube Mill – Modernization of steel tube cutting

16. Cold Drawn Tube Mill – Precision tube finishing line

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