Casing and tubing

Tubes for casing and tubing dimensions

OUTER DIAMETER (OD)1.05 - 4.5 inch, 26.7 - 114.30 mm
WALL THICKNESS (WT)0.113 - 0.380 inch, 2.87 - 9.65 mm

Tubes used in the OCTG business are delivered according to
API 5CTSee tube sizes acc. to API 5CT standards
Tubes are supplied as hot rolled, unless a non-standard diameter is required.

The types of steel for tubes for casing and tubing

API 5CT: H40, J55, K55 and N80.
Chemical composition and mechanical properties of steels
Steel is made in the electric arc furnace and they are fully killed. Tubing is delivered according of requirements PSL 1. Level PSL 2 and PSL 3 (Annex H of API 5 CT) as per agreement.

Length of tubes for casing and tubing

Values for tubing – pumping tubes
Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3:
6.10–7.32 m (20–24 ft)
8.53–9.75 m (28–32 ft)
11.58–12.80 m (38–42 ft)
Values for casing
Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3:
4.88–7.62 m (16–25 ft)
7.62–10.36 m (25–34 ft)
10.36–14.64 m (34–48 ft)

Dimensional tolerances of tubes for casing and tubing

OD < 4 1/2 inch = ±0.79 mm (±0.031 inch)
OD ≥ 4 1/2 inch = – 0.5 % +1.0 % OD
WT = –12.5 % (+ limited by weight)
Weight (1 tube) = – 3.5 % + 6.5 %

Ends of tubes

The ends are vertical to the longitudinal
axis and are without burrs.

The tubes with deburred ends
or ends customized for welding.



Deburring applies to
Tube OD26.7 - 114.3 mm
    Ends of tubes
Tube WT 3.2 - 12.5 mm
Tube lengths4 - 13 meters
Deburring angle, a30°+ 5 and 37°± 2.5
Dimension, c1.6 ± 0.8 mm

Oil pipe and bundle marking

Bundles are marked with a metal tag with the required information

Tubes packaging

Tubes are bound with steel band into bundles with weight 1 000–3 500 kg.

Tubes testing

Tubes are tested according to requirements of API 5CT standard, additional tests can be agreed when ordering the tubes.

Certified test reports for tubes for casing and tubing

EN 10204 – 3.1,
DIN 50049 – 3.1.B


Tubes are visually straight.

Delivery condition and tubes surface

Hot rolled tubes do not go through further thermal processing. Tubes surface corresponds to the way they were produced. Normal annealing (N) may be done after agreement.

Surface protection for oil tubes

The pipes are supplied without temporary anticorrosion protection. While ordering, it is necessary to agree upon the method and means of temporarily protecting the surface of the tubes during transportation and storage. Upon request the tubes may be plugged with plastic caps.
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