Despite all the problems, we ended the year with a positive economic result

Despite all the problems, we ended the year with a positive economic result

Compared to the previous year, 2023 was a challenging year for us. In the first half of the year we had enough orders, which is also reflected by our economic result. The second half of the year was more difficult for us. We tested how to work more efficiently in the steel mill or seamless tubes rolling mill. This was due to the lack of orders.

Furthermore, the economic strength of the European Union cannot be considered as growing. The economy in the Union is more or less going down the drain. The largest countries and economic powerhouses, such as Germany, France and Italy, face their own problems which they need to solve. Unfortunately, Brussels pays very little attention to economic development or competitiveness.

The future does not look any better. The 2023 had continued to be marked by the war in Ukraine. As if this was not enough, a serious conflict arose in Israel. Fortunately, both of these conflicts do not affect Slovakia directly. However, war brings suffering to all the people involved.

Dear stakeholders,
Despite the fact that this year was marked by a lack of orders and other problems – such as energy prices – we are ending it with a positive economic result. This is thanks to the good performance of the factory.
Our subsidiaries are performing very well, too. This is also due to the fact that all employees, whether of the parent or the subsidiaries, carry out their work with care and diligence. I, on behalf of all the colleagues of mine, would like to thank them for their dedication. Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to the fulfilment of the 2023 objectives.

Article written by: Podbrezovan

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