Steel tubes for production of boilers

Modern power devices that operate with high efficiency require the use of suitable steel tubes, to guarantee their long-term, safe and trouble-free operation. Steel tubes are important structural materials used in these facilities. These tubes are often referred to as boiler tubes.

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Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. produces a wide range of steel tubes. Tubes for energy facilities are included in the group of tubes for pressure purposes at higher temperatures. For production and screening, these tubes are placed high demands. Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. possesses the necessary certificates of quality management and product certificates.

Pressure equipment made from tubes for pressure purposes have to comply following European regulations:

1. Directive of the European Parliament and the Council  2014/68/EV (before PED 9723EC) applicable to specified pressure equipment. Pressure equipment within the meaning of this Directive withstand max. allowable pressure (PS) greater than 0.5 bar, and it is a pressure above the normal atmospheric pressure, i.e. excess pressure.

2. According to the Directive PED 2014/68/EV pressure equipment is divided into three types, which are subject to the harmonized EN standards:
2.1 Steam and hot water boilers - EN 12952 and EN 12953
2.2 Pressure Vessels (unheated) - EN 13445
2.3 Metallic industrial pipeline - EN 13480

3. Parts 2 of these harmonized standards prescribed materials used for construction of equipment which is exposed to pressure (In the case that other materials are used than those listed in Part 2 of the quoted standards, it is up to assessment whether these materials need to use a special procedure). Steel tubes must be supplied in accordance with EN 10216-2, EN 10216-3, EN 10216-4, EN 10217-2, EN 10217-3, EN 10217-4, EN 10217-5, EN 10217-6 (for carbon and low alloy steel).
Note: in the past, even on the international scale, the German regulations for pressure equipment TRD, TRB, TRR, AD-Merkblatt were used. For the transition period regulations AD2000 - Merkblatt were prepared, where the steel is according to EN.

Boiler tubes from our production have been used in:

Power station Jaworzno II, Poland
Construction of biomass fired boiler, type Ofz 201
EVI Abfallverwertung, Germany
Power plant overhaul

Nuclear power plant Mochovce, Slovakia
Block 3 and 4, the secondary circuit steam generator
Power plant Prunéřov II and Tušimice, CEZ group, the Czech Republic
Reconstruction of facilities with steam parameters: 13.53 MPa / 540 ° C

Power plant Bocamina in Puerto Coronel (Chile)
The project of building a new block of 1 × 370 MWe with 1215 t/h boiler with focal granulation.

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