Production of machinery components, equipment and production of tools

Steel tubes have an irreplaceable role for their unique characteristics, i.e. wide range of sizes, variety of available steel grades and welding ability. In general, steel tubes are basic construction materials for stationary or moving machinery, vehicles.

Torn yellow page Icon Standard precision seamless steel tubes
Torn yellow page Icon Precision tubes for production of bearings
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Possible applications of steel tubes:

- pressure vessels
- parts and the axis of the machine units
- construction elements of machines
- basis and supports of machines
- design features for storages and containers
- fixtures for tools
- parts of agricultural machinery
- conveyor belts
- elements of ships

Steel tubes from our production are used in:

Vítkovice Cylinders, Czech Republic - manufacture of pressure vessels,
Freudenberg & Co.., Germany - manufacture of railway wagons carriages,
Fischer Vyskov, Czech Republic - fasteners

Precision tubes for production of bearingsproduction of hydraulic cylindersSteel seamless tubes for pressure vessels