Steel tubes, galvanized with special surface

Special surface offers supplementary mechanical protection and anticorrosion protection of the tubes against chemical agents, thermal insulating protection and it improves the appearance of tubes. Possible applications for these tubes are hydraulic and pneumatic distributions, distributions of water and other media or distributions of gas in cars with the CNG drive.

A. Tubes with polyolefin coating

A. Tubes with the outer surface protection using polyolefin coating

The following assortment of tubes is used for polyolefin coating:
Precision steel seamless HPL tubes without zinc plating, grades E 235+N, E 355+N according to DIN 10 305-4 and St 37.4 standard, St 52.4 according to DIN 1630 standard.
Precision steel seamless HPL tubes galvanically zinc plated (more information), , grades E 235+N, E 355+N according to DIN 10 305-4 and St 37.4 standard, St 52.4 according to DIN 1630 standard.

A. Dimensions of the tubes with polyolefin coating

Dimensions are presented in the table. Length of the tubes ranges from 4000 up to 6000 mm.

A. Properties of the polyolefin layer

Thickness: 0.35 – 0.5 mm
Color shades: black, red, brown, blue, white, yellow, green, colorless
Technical properties: It is a thin wall polyolefin halogen free (EN 60684, certificate number YDPU2/8.E203950), applicable operating temperature is between -40 °C up to +105 °C , (for a short term up to 150 °C).
Tensile strength: min. 10 N/mm2, elongation to contraction: min. 300 %, excellent resistance against molds, very good resistance to oils, very good resistance against acids and other chemicals

B. Tubes with polyester coating

B. Tubes with the protection of the external surface by polyester coating

For the coating the following range of pipes is used:
Precision seamless steel galvanized HPL tubes (more info).
Grades: E 235+N, E 355+N according to DIN 10 305-4 standards.

B. Dimensions of tubes with polyester coating

Outside diameter of tube is between 4 and 42 mm, wall thickness between 0.5 and 5 mm. Length of the tubes when diameter is 4 - 16 mm: 6000 + 100 mm and when diameter is 18 - 42 mm: 6000 + 50 mm.

B. Packaging tubes with polyester coating

Tubes are delivered in bundles, bound by a steel band, underlined with paper or perhaps plastic.

B. Properties of the polyester layer

Paint thickness 40 ± 10 µm
Coating is satin (semi-gloss, smooth) polyester – RAL 9005 (black). Resistance using the neutral salt fog test reaches 1000 hours. (ISO 9227), the optimal adhesion of the coating enables the achievement of small bending radius of tube. The coating has high resistance to UV radiation and positive influence on the mechanical properties of the product and its durability in aggressive environments. Tubes with polyester coating are designed for hydraulic and pneumatic lines.



C. Tubes, galvanized with PVC coating

C. Cold drawn steel tubes, galvanized with PVC coating

For the plastic coating of the tubes the following assortment range is used:
Precision seamless steel galvanized HPL pipes (more info).
Grades: E 235+N, according to DIN 10 305-1 or 4, other grades are possible by arrangement.
Tubes galvanized with PVC coating

C. Dimensions of pipes with PVC coating

Tubes are supplied in the dimension 6.0 x 1.0 mm, other dimensions are possible by arrangement. Lengths are 6000 mm and are supplied in bundles or in a flat condition.

C. Marking tubes with PVC coating

Each meter of a tube is marked as follows, font size 2 mm:
CUSTOMER - 6 x 1 SEAMLESS CNG ISO 15500 GASTEC approval 122779/1 110R-000130H1

C. Packaging of the tubes with PVC coating

Bundles of tubes diameter from 200 to 300 mm, are packed in cardboard boxes and shipped on a pallet, straight tubes are tied in bundles with steel tape, underlined with paper or plastic.

C. Testing of tubes with PVC coating

The tubes are eddy current tested according to EN 10246-3 standard.

C.Properties of the PVC coating

This is the material free of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd), the surface color is white, matt. Operating temperature between -55 and 135 ° C, in case of fire coating is flame-retardant. The protective layer PVC does not corrode and is well resistant to chemicals.
Tubes galvanized with PVC coating-for gas distribution in CNG-powered cars
Tubes are designed for gas distribution in CNG-powered cars. Distribution of gas in vehicles with CNG consists of high and low pressure parts. High pressure parts connect the pressure vessel portion in which the gas pressure reaches 22 MPa with filling connection and pressure regulator located in the engine compartment.

Steel tubes galvanized with special surfaceSteel precision tubes galvanized with special surfaceSeamless precision tubes galvanized with special surface