Pipex Italia, after last year excellent experience on the on-line Current Stock Portal, has decided to present an updated version with three new main functions described here below:

1. Last Update: the customer has the chance to visualize the date of the last updated of the stock quantity, this solution improve the reliability of the information published on the portal;

2. Subscription to updates: the customer has the chance to register to receive an e-mail notification when the list of material of a selected category has been updated. The procedure is very simple and after fulfilling a short form, it's possible to select one or more product category. The system will send a confirmation e-mail, and in case of any mistake, the customer is able to delete the subscription;

3. Social Section: it's possible to share the web page of the Current Stock Portal using the three mayor social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+). The "heart" button let the customer save the page in his bookmarks, in order to acces again the portal with a direct connection.

Click on the picture below to visit our stock:

Pipex Italia is always looking for improvment on the Current Stock Portal, so in case of any problem or suggestion don't hesitate to contact us.

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