Steel tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. offers a wide range of products and services intended for manufacturers of hydraulics, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pressure distributions. Based on the application we can distinguish the following types of tubes.

Torn yellow page Icon Precision tubes for mechanical machining – HPZ type
Torn yellow page Icon Precision tubes machined to “ready to use” - type HP
Torn yellow page Icon Galvanized tubes

Tubes for mechanical machining - type HPZ
HPZ tubes are precision seamless tubes for the production of hydraulic cylinders or seals of piston rods. The inner working surface is obtained by mechanical machining, by honing or peeling and subsequent rolling.

Tubes intended for direct use in the cylinders – type HP
HP tubes are seamless tubes with a precisely machined inner surface, which are primarily intended for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. The inner working surface is achieved by peeling and subsequent rolling of the inner surface of the tubes.

Tubes intended for piston rods and telescopic cylinders - type HPK
HPK tubes are cold drawn seamless tubes for piston rods, telescopic cylinders and cylinder liners. Use of tube piston rods and pistons is often preferable than the use of solid materials. Use of the tube material, which exhibits the same resistance to load stress, bending and in torsion, means a significant reduction in the weight of the cylinder.

Tubes designated for hydraulic and pneumatic pressure distribution - type HPL
HPL are seamless cold drawn steel tubes that are used in pressure distributions and circuits, in hydraulically and pneumatically operated equipment. The speed and pressure of the medium are significantly changing and these devices have characteristic pressure surges on the inner surface of tubes.

High demands are placed on production and screening of these tubes. Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. possess the necessary certificates of quality management system and product certificates.

Steel tubes from our production are used in:

National Hydraulic Company, Russia
Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders

NIMET, Romania
Production of chrome tubes for hydraulic applications

SICAM, Italy
Distribution of components for hydraulics and pneumatics

Galvanized seamless steel tubesPipes for hydraulics - Electrolytically zinc plated steel tubesSeamless steel tubes for hydraulic pressure lines - HPL - zinc coated