Steel tubes for heat exchangers

Today, there is still more prevalent use of tubes with a smooth surface for the construction of heat exchangers and other power facilities, despite the fact that the tubes with a surface structure (tubes with internal ribs) can positively contribute to improving the performance of these devices.

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Tubes with internal ribs are intended for the manufacture of heat exchangers, but also boilers, which due to their special shape contribute to a better heat exchange between the media and tube. Internal ribs cause the steam and liquid to separate due to the centrifugal forces, liquid in the form of water is squeezed out towards the oven wall. The result of this phenomenon is due to an increase of so called contact area between liquid share and oven wall, which brings the following advantages: It improves the level of heat transfer even at the higher proportion of steam, it maintains a very good level of heat transfer even with a smaller stream, there is a reduction in the average wall temperature of the oven wall and creates the opportunity for improved heat transfer by optimization of the geometry of the ribs. Finally, the ribs have an interesting dampening effect, which counteracts the sedimentation of solid particles present in the medium, which contributes to limiting conditions for the formation of corrosion processes and this has a positive impact on increasing the life of the tube. This is an obvious general economic and ecological benefit of such tubes.

High demands are placed on production and screening of these tubes. Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. possess the necessary certificates of quality management and product certificates.

Steel tubes for heat exchangers

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