Precison tubes, delivered in coils

Precision steel tubes, delivered in coils, find its application in many fields of industry for example as injection tubes for diesel engines, tubes for distribution of oil or fuel. Tubes in coils are delivered in accordance with EN 10305-1 (EN 10305-2) and DIN 2391 (DIN 2393).

Dimensions of tubes in coils

Tubes are delivered in a range, outside diameter between 4 and 18 mm, wall thickness between 0.45 and 2.5 mm. Other dimensions may be delivered upon agreement. For application to injection equipments of combustion engines (diesel) following dimensions of tubes may be delivered: 6x1, 8; 6x2.1; 6x2.125; 6x2.2; 6x2.25 mm. Diameter of the coil alone is between 750 and 1200 mm depending upon the outside diameter of the tubes. Depending upon the outside diameter of the tube, inside in the bundle there is a tube with a length between 60 to 560 m.

The types of tubes’ steel in coils

E 215, E 235, E 255, E 355, C 15, other grades upon agreement. Injection tubes are produced from the St 30Al and SAE 1010 steels.

Tubes in bundles – delivery condition

+C (BK) Cold drawn / hard. After the last cold forming, thermally not processed.
+N (NBK)Normalized. After the last cold drawing the tubes are normalized in protective atmosphere.

Tube tolerances

Tube tolerances are in accordance with EN 10305-1, see table. OD tolerances for product range is ± 0,08 mm, ID tolerances are ± 0,08 mm or ± 0,15 mm depends on OD and wall thickness tolerances are ± 10 %. The reduced tolerances have to be agreed.

Packaging of the tubes in coils

Bundles of tubes are packaged into paper boxes weighing between 100 to 200 kilograms which are subsequently stored on wooden pallets or into metal containers weighing up to 400 kilograms.

Testing of the tubes in coils

Tubes are tested by eddy current according to EN 10246-3.

Certificated for tubes in coils

Certificates are issued according to EN 10204-2.2,3.1,3.2

Precison tubes, delivered in coils Precison seamless tubes in coils Precison seamless tubes, delivered in coils