Hydrogen pipes: an all mediterranean collaboration among SNAM, Corinth Pipeworks, Pipex Italia

“This great milestone would have been impossible to achieve without the great contribution of Pipex literally from Day 1 of this concept. Thank you Luigi (CEO @Pipex Italia) and the whole team in Pipex that worked on this!”

It is a great pride the collaboration with SNAM and CORINTH PIPEWORKS on the next challenge for the construction of a sustainable energy mix and for the achievement of the global decarbonisation objectives: the European network for the capillary distribution of hydrogen.

We have been the Italian partner of Corinth Pipeworks for over a decade and this project with SNAM is just the latest evidence of a collaboration that has seen us protagonists on over 1,000 km of completed or ongoing pipeline projects.

Corinth Pipeworks, the steel pipes segment of Cenergy Holdings one of the world’s largest energy infrastructure companies, orders for 440km of new pipes. The orders are among the first high-pressure newly manufactured pipes certified to transport up to 100% hydrogen for a transmission gas pipeline in Europe. Corinth Pipeworks and SNAM cooperation provides a technically and economically feasible solution for the safe transportation of hydrogen at high pressures through large diameter/high strength steel pipelines.

“Thanks Ilias Bekiros.” We are so proud of this great joint achievement. This is the demonstration that when professionalism and teamwork take the field, the result can only be rewarding and fruitful for our customers as well. Other important challenges await us. Meanwhile, I want to thank all your staff and especially Athanasiosovi Tazedakisovi for the excellent leadership work.” commented our CEO Luigi Cuzzolin (cit. LinkedIn).

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