Low fin tubes

The semi-finished material for low fin tubes are heat exchanger tubes, manufactured and supplied according to DIN 28 180 and ASTM A179. Tubes for heat exchangers are made of steel according to:

EN 10216-2: P235GH
DIN 1629: St 37.0
DIN 17175: St35.8, 15Mo3
DIN 17173: TTSt35N
A / SA179, steel grades acc to standard
A / SA 213: T2, T11,T12, T21, T22
A / SA 334: Grade 6

and other types of steel can be supplied by agreement.

Low Fin Tubes for heat exchangers applied mostly in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, renewable energy plants, naval and marine plants. Low fins are obtained integrally from tube wall thickness by a cold forming process on the external surface. Fins increase considerably the thermo-exchanging efficiency of the tube. Low fin tubes can be supplied in the form of U bends.

Low Fin Tube Sizes

Tube outer diameter
(plain ends)
Tube wall thickness
(plain ends)
Number of fins per a inch
Fin height
Tube length
min. 12,70 mm
min. 1,245 mm
19, 26, 27,28, 30, 36.
max. 1,40 mm
max. 20 000 mm
max. 31,75 mm
max 3,404 mm

Low fin tubes

Dimension control on Low Fin Tubes

  • Tube outer diameter of plain section (D)
  • Tube inner diameter of plain section (Di)
  • Tube wall thickness of plain section (W)
  • Tube outer diameter of fin section (di)
  • Fin root diameter (dr)
  • Tube inner diameter of fin section (di)
  • Thickness under fin (Wf)
  • Fin pitch (Fm)
  • Fin height (Fh)
  • Complete visual control

Low fin tubes are supplied according to ASTM A 498 / 498M and tubes can be tested as follows:
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Immersion Pneumatic test
  • Eddy Current Test

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