Precision seamless tubes for the manufacture of automotive components

Precision steel tubes are developed for optimum drivability, comfort and safety of cars. Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. offers a wide range both in terms of quality of material and tube dimensions.

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Short lead times and a flexible response to the customer requirements are the strengths of our company. Tubes are supplied in produced and exact lengths and as well as cut (by sawing, shearing, parting). We do the tube bending and deburring tube ends. Just in time deliveries are possible and so is the creation of tubes buffer stock. Precision steel tubes from our production satisfy the requirements for the following applications: components for the vehicle drivetrain, cars suspension systems, fuel injection, components for engine and transmission, components for body and chassis, vehicle control systems and others.

High demands are placed for the production and screening of these tubes. Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. possess the necessary certificates of quality management system.

Steel tubes from our production are used in:

ZF - Slovakia, Germany
TRW - Czech Republic, Germany
GKN - France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy.

Precision seamless tubes - semi-finished for silentblocksPrecision seamless tubes for the manufacture of automotive componentsPrecision seamless tubes used for car shock absorber